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Marissa Pitts fell in love with acting when she was five years old. She would
dress up in her grandmother's wigs and jewelry and make her grandparents  
act as paparazzi while she would give " interviews" about how wonderful her
life was as an actress.

By the time she hit 12 Marissa had discovered a darker side of the world
and fell into a lifestyle of partying, drugs and living in the streets. It was
not until she returned back to southern California at 18, that she would
revisit the idea that her dream was to be a professional actor.

She began professionally training for film and stage, and graduated from
California Polytechnic University of Pomona with her Bachelor's degree in
Theatre Arts. She is currently working towards her Master's in Theatre Arts.

She has trained with world renowned Shakespeare and Co. and has performed
with the prestigious Southern California Shakespeare Festival over the last
few years, along with being in some wonderful films. (Please see resume page
for more details).

Marissa trains extensively with teacher's Doug Warhit and Linda Bisesti (who is a Designated Linklater Teacher). Check
out the media page to see clips from films!